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Calabria, known as the "toe" of Italy, little known to the British, is home to dramatic mix of lush forested mountains and transparent turquoise sea. Exploring its contrasts opens eyes and inspires adventure.

Discover a secret corner of Southern Italy, known as Basilicata. A hidden treasure of stunning scenery, which is full of wonderful surprises. Expect spectacular coast roads, grand mountains, blue sea and delicious food.

South Campania is idyllic for those seeking golden beaches, magnificent coastal scenery and a base to explore Greek Temples at Paestum or Pompeii. Stroll along the local fishing villages, watch herds of water buffalo or delve into the National Parks.

Towns in Calabria, South Campania & Basilicata

If you are looking for a holiday to Southern Italy, then you really will find yourself spoilt for choice. Calabria, South Campania and Basilicata are just three of the regions that you can pick from. Looking at the boot shape of Italy, Calabria is right at the toe of the boot. Thanks to this extremely southern location here you will find beautiful crystal blue seas and a delightfully warm climate.

Food & Wine in Calabria, South Campania & Basilicata

Food in Calabria is known for being incredibly hearty and a little rustic, using classic Mediterranean ingredients in their cooking. Practicality and good food are key in this region.

Transport around Calabria, South Campania & Basilicata

Although you may decide on your base for your Italian holiday break, the best way to make sure that you see all the best of Southern Italy is to get around. However, the last thing you will want on your holiday is to worry about how you will travel.

Hotels in Calabria, Basilicata & S.Campania

Find within these regions hidden treasures of stunning sceneries which are full of surprises. You will find spectacular properties offering wholesome meals , incredible service and a very romantic and refined atmosphere. We have a range of hotels from cave like dwellings to 4 star spa resorts to suit all tastes...

Self Catering in Calabria, Basilicata & S.Campania

If you love panoramic locations, close to beautiful beaches or in rural countrysides with beautiful pools then you will love one of these self catering properties. We love the atmosphere, the location. the wholesome Calabrian food and the "tropical paradise"at some of the beach properties.


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4 Hotel in Acquafredda di Maratea Basilicata

A gracious villa in a stunning location, overlooking the sea. Hotel Villa Cheta serves Italian food & wine at their very best, & with impeccable service. 

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from £519 pp

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No Star Rating Hotel in Matera Basilicata

In the heart of magical Matera’s “sassi”, a breathtakingly lovely small boutique B&B, perfect for a truly unique experience.

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from £460 pp

This is a guide price and can be tailor made to meet your individual needs

No Star Rating Hotel in Paestum South Campania

A boutique agritourist hotel, like no other, Tenuta Seliano is a working country estate, which has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

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from £408 pp

This is a guide price and can be tailor made to meet your individual needs