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Stunning coastlines, dramatic mountains, white sandy beaches & limpid turquoise seas. A long time favourite vacation spot to the rich and famous, Sardinia is an enviable earthly paradise of secluded places, heady colours and scents. Edged with long, high and rocky coasts, Sardinia offers an incredible stay, boasting the Med’s most seductive beaches, a beautiful, mountainous interior, and a fantastic array of both traditional and contemporary restaurants to enjoy.


Sardinia: Out and About

Picture crisp white sands and crystal clear waters. Imagine crescent shape bays. Envisage boulder-strewn canyons. Our one piece of advice - plan your trip, because there is simply so much to see! Visit the nuragic village of Tiscali, discovered in the 19th century, mountain trails lead you to this hidden gem, nestled in a carsic valley. For those more in favour of a underwater adventure, be sure to pack the snorkels and seek out the silent shipwrecks off the coast of Cagliari and the submerged Nereo Cave in the Coral riviera of Alghero. Strolling the streets, late afternoon pick up some traditional Sardinia delicacies including Porchetta, succulent roasting suckling pig, or Seadas, a traditional sweet/savoury fritta. Head down to the smooth bays, kick off your shoes and soak up the lazy sunshine.





Taking the kids to Sardinia

Sardinia is filled to the brim with history to delve into and discover, exciting landscapes to explore on foot, bike or boat, and enough culture to feed the imaginations of little ones for weeks. Often, in the smaller, traditional towns compelling storytelling is used to entertain and educate children on the vast culture of Sardinia. For older children, horse riding, diving, kayaking and even wall climbing are just a few of the activities on offer. Find respite from busy days with a visit to one of the islands wonderful beaches, strolling the beautiful promenades absorbing the endless horizon, or indulging in as many delectable flavours as possible at a traditional gelateria. Throughout Sardinia, you will often find discounts for children on public transport and attraction admission.




Where to stay in Sardinia

You will be spoilt for choice with our collection. The popular Cormoran beach resort books nearly a year in advance, a favourite amongst clients travelling with families. For a self catering agriturismo experience, the exceptional Casale del Monte and neighbouring Il Frutteto offer a wonderfully authentic experience. For those luxury seekers, you need not look further than Villa Del Golfo, a resort of the highest standards and picturesque views. If traditional and quirky Sardinia screams your name, explore Su Gologone – don’t fight the temptation.


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