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Positano & AmalfiWe might as well start with the obvious, as there is aare very good reasons why everyone tourist that goes towho the Amalfi Coast likes to visits these two towns. With beautiful, colourful buildings cascadinge down the hillsides, the sight it is truly spectacular and makes for the perfect pictures – Positano and Amalfi are such wonderfullybeing such a photogenic towns. TheIts quaint little streets are compact and make wondering from one side to the other very easy down the winding streets and through the little piazzas, stopping here and there for a drink and watch hustle and bustle of these lovely towns. You do however pay the price when you stay here due to its reputation as a fashionistas getaway but it is very easy to pop across on a day trip.Positano’s reputation as a fashionistas getaway makes it a little too much for many people, though it’s certainly worth a visit during your stay. Amalfi strikes a much better balance, busy and bustling but still retaining it’s charm and character.


Sorrento – Hand on heart, this is one of our favourite destinations. It is the perfect place to sit and to watch the world go by with a cool glass of Greco di Tufo in hand. Drink in the stunning views over the Bay of Naples and towards Mount Vesuvius. The island of Capri is so close you could almost touch it, making it an obvious choice for a fascinating day exploring. Take a stroll through the bustling little town, feasting on the best pizzas in the world. Sorrento also offers an idyllic base to explore the entire Amalfi Coast, and has easy links to the towns of the Amalfi Coast, as well as Naples, Capri and Pompeii.  Probably one of our favourite destinations. It is the perfect spot to watch the world go by with views looking over the Bay of Naples towards Mnt Vesuvius, and Capri is almost so close you could touch it. You feel relaxed even though you are in the centre of a bustling little town. It is also the perfect base to explore the entire Amalfi Coast with great links to all the other towns.


Pompeii & Ercolano – If you are after history & culture these two towns are a must visit. Hugging around Mt Vesuvius they offer a wealth of UNESCO sites. In Ercolano you can still see the ancient ruins of Herculaneum. It used to be a beach resort but with the eruptions of Vesuvius over time it pushed it the coast further away. As for Pompeii, it is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world and used to be a resort for the wealthy Romans. There are plenty of day trips out to visit these towns so do ask at your hotel and some excellent tour guides, allowing you to make the most of your visit.


Praiano Located between Positano and Amalfi, lesser known and all the better for it, is Praiano. A lovely, quintessentially Italian fishing village nestled by the sea. Marina di Praia, Praiano’s main beach is a great away to spend the evening after a busy day, watching the sunset fall over the blue waters. Easily accessible by either boat or bus this little town, with its snippets of history and exceptional cuisine, is perfect for a relaxed, pottering holiday, or as part of a multi-centre itinerary.Much more secluded and off the beaten track sits Praiano. Halfway between the Amalfi and Positano it makes for a great getaway at the end of a day’s exploration. Immerse yourself in a little history whiles looking out at the blue seas, you will feel you that you are more in a small village than a town.


Ravello If slowing down, unwinding, and absorbing the Italian way of life is something you seek, Ravello is the place for you.  The gentle ambience, smiley locals and lazy evenings will draw you back again and again. Ravello is home to the beautiful cliffside Rufolo cascading gardens filled with exotic colours and offering panoramic views of the ocean. In the summer months, open air concerts take place and take it from us, you will be left utterly enchanted. If you are looking just to relax and take things slow than Ravello is the place for you with its gentle ambience. It is home to the beautiful cliffside Rufallo gardens and in the summer months you can enjoy an open air musical whiles taking in the views down the valleys onto the sea. Not to mention it is the town is also home to one of our favourite restaurant, at the beautiful Villa Maria!


Ischia & Capri - Two beautiful islands set in the bay of Naples – Capri is better known and beloved of the rich & famous, while the volcanic island of Ischia is less flashy and offers some of Italy’s best natural spas. Even on a cloudy day Ischia is picture perfect with all its burst of colours on the 17-square mile island. You must take a hydrofoil and visit these charming little islands on your trip to the Amalfi Coast.



 Expert Tip from Sue:  Enjoy the best pizza and cocktails at Fauno’s bar in the centre of Sorrento’s Piazza Tasso, watching the world go by from here is a must! You must also take a road or boat trip along the Amalfi coast which is just stunning and stop off for liqueur tasting in Ravello. Limoncello, Meloncello and Crema di Pistachio are some of my favourites from the region.



Discover Amalfi - When you learn about the history of the wonderful town of Amalfi you may be surprised. Whilst now it has a population of 5000, once it was a maritime power and boasted more than 70,000 residents.


Discover Sorrento - Whilst Sorrento may be considered a resort, this town is never ashamed of this title. In fact, it embraces it with an enthusiasm and an entirely different approach.


Discover Praiano - One of the quieter towns on the Almalfi Coast, Praiano is again found on the steep cliffs overlooking the beautiful waters.


Discover Ravello - Thought to offer some of the best views in the world, Ravello has the atmosphere of a polished and refined town.


Discover Ischia - Ischia is an island found in the bay of Naples, a volcanic piece of land it has everything you could ever want from an Italian holiday.

Towns - Amalfi Coast

A popular holiday destination, the Amalfi Coast is a 50km stretch of coastline located along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula.