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The Abruzzo region is one of the greenest and most spectacular that Italy has to offer. The landscapes are so varied, that you can find the best pieces of Italy throughout it – from rolling hills and mountain ranges, to lakes and nature reserves that hold some of the most endangered mammals. Of course, in addition to the sights, any trip to this country must involve some Italian food and the finest Italian wine. Take a look at this guide to food and wine in Abruzzo.

An Introduction to Cuisine in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is renowned for its variety and richness of its cuisine. It is actually regarded as some of the best and finest cuisines in Italy, so you should keep your expectations high on your travels. The food in Abruzzo is very unique, which is owned to its isolation from much of the world until the 20th century. So when you eat in Abruzzo, you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.

Traditional dishes

Here are some of the traditional dishes you can expect to find in Abruzzo:

Gnocchi Carrati: gnocchi with bacon, eggs, and pecorino cheese.

Scripelle: a rustic crepe served either with soup or used to form a soufflé and served with ragu.

Pastuccia: a polenta stew with sausages, eggs, and cheese

Pecora al Cotturo: lamb stuffed with a variety of mountain herbs cooked in a copper pot.

Easter Pizza: a rustic cake with cheese and pepper.

Brodetti: a broth that is often fish based and found in coastal areas. Flavoured with herbs and tomato.

Confetti: sugar coated almonds.

Parrozzo: a cakey treat made with a mixture of crushed almonds coated in chocolate.

Ferratelle: a wafer cookie that is often flavoured with anise.

Croccante: a type of nougat made from almonds and caramelised sugar. Often flavoured with lemon.

An Introduction to Wine in Abruzzo

Wine in Abruzzo are renowned and judged to be among the world’s finest. As a result, you simply must make the time and sample some of the greats, which are listed below:

  • Montepulciano (red)
  • Trebbiano d’Abruzzo (red)

Here is a couple of the other wines that you might want to make time for on your travels to Abruzzo:

  • Cerasuolo (rose, A speciality)
  • Chieti Montepulciano (red)

Street Food

In terms of street food, Abruzzo does host a fantastic Irish Festival, during which delicious dishes that contain everything from chicken and roasted pork, to anchovies, can be sampled. L’Aquila also tends to have festivals and markets throughout the year where local foods can be purchased from street vendors.

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Hotels in Abruzzo

Surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery, Abruzzo's landscape is surprisingly varied, with sandy coastlines and ancient forests in the National Park. Manorial style, Cosy ambiences and great food, our properties in Abruzzo have lots to offer. Hidden boltholes, Art Deco hotels, Castles... take your pick...

Self Catering in Abruzzo

Abruzzo has so much to offer and their hospitality is famously sincere. The food & wine is known to be some of the best in Italy so take your pick from a wonderful agriturismo property either near two National Parks in a medieval town or a hidden gem tucked away amongst rolling countryside with beautiful views over the wooded hillsides...


Beautiful and undiscovered. Majestic and beautiful. Welcome to Abruzzo…