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Surrounded by beautiful coastlines that are sure to captivate you.

With a huge range of things to do and places to see, you won’t get bored, but you will certainly build up and thirst and appetite.

Italian food and Italian wine simply must be had when taking holidays to southern Italy, and these are a few of the dishes you need to make time for on your travels.

An Introduction to Cuisine in Calabria, South Campania, and Basilicata



Food in Calabria is known for being incredibly hearty and a little rustic, using classic Mediterranean ingredients in their cooking.

Many of their dishes can be eaten hot and cold with the taste being altered.

Practicality and good food are key in this region.



Pizza and spaghetti have their home in the Campania region, and so this should set your expectations high in terms of the food you will find here.

Every dish is made with care and passion as the region holds their culinary fame in high regard.




Food in Basilicata is very vegetable based, like most of the Mediterranean, but they also pride themselves on their meat dishes.

Basilicata provides you with big dishes filled with bold, strong flavours.

Traditional dishes

Here are some of the traditional dishes you can find in Calabria:

Ciambotta: stewed aubergine with tomatoes and potatoes. Seasoned with onions and peppers.

Lagane: long, flat, noodles used in pasta dishes/

Murseddu: pork and veal liver pie with tomato and peppers.


Alalunga: tuna in a sweet vinegar and onion sauce.


Baccala: dried cod stewed with tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers.

Here are some of the traditional dishes you can find if you want to sample some food in South Campania (aside from the classic pizza and spaghetti):



Caprese Salad: tomatoes and mozzarella with light salad leaves.




Parmigiana di Melenzane: fried aubergines with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.



Follarelli: citrus leaf parcels filled with sultanas, figs, and candied orange peel. A Roman recipe.



Sfogliatelle: stuffed shell shaped pastry that is coated with powdered sugar.

Here are some traditional dishes that you can find in Basilicata:

Matera bread: a soft bread baked using ancient techniques in the Sassi di Matera.


Orecchiette: pasta shaped like little ears.


Some of the best pasta is found in this region, and they claim to be the first Italian region to have made and used pasta in their cooking. As a result, they take great pride in their pasta creations.


Basilicata has a famous delicacy in the form of their Lucanian sausage. It is made using only the finest quality pork from the region.

After that, it is then seasoned with salt, pepper, and fennel seeds.

It can also be seasoned with pork fat, pepper, salt, and peperoncino with fennel seeds.

An Introduction to Wine in Calabria, South Campania, and Basilicata


Wine is one of the delicacies that Italy has to offer, and there is little that is as good as a bottle fresh from an Italian vineyard.

During your holidays to southern Italy, you absolutely must take the time to taste some of the delicious wines that each of these regions has to offer.

Here is some of the wine in Calabria you might want to try during your visit:



  •  Greco di Bianco (white)
  • Donnici (red)
  • Melissa (red)
  • Pollino (red)

Here is some of the wine in South Campania you might want to try during your visit:




  • Taurasi Rivera (red)
  • The Red of Ischia (red)
  • Greco di Tufo (white)
  • Fiano di Avelino (white)

Here is some of the wine in Basilicata you might want to try during your visit:




  • Aglianico (red. Most famous wine in the region)
  • Bombino Nero (red)
  • Bianco Dolce (white)

To Conclude


Italian holidays must include food and wine; after all, they are renowned for their excellent cuisine.

At Long Travel, we have a team of experts who are ready to help you find the best activities and places to go and eat and drink during your holidays to southern Italy.


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Calabria, known as the "toe" of Italy, little known to the British, is home to dramatic mix of lush forested mountains and transparent turquoise sea. Exploring its contrasts opens eyes and inspires adventure.