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Italy - the only place to experience an authentic, extravagant opera in the flesh. 

Discover our unique, handpicked Opera packages across Verona and Rome, which include stays as some of the best boutique hotels in Italy. 

Prices start from as little as £662pp including flights, opera tickets, breakfast and more. Call 01694 722193 for more information or explore our packages below...

Verona Opera Break

Verona is home to some of Italy’s finest opera, seducing the ears every year between June and August. Shakespeare chose to set his tragedy, Romeo & Juliet in the beautiful city and it is definitely one to fall in love with!

Verona was once chosen by the Romans to rest their shields and spears, leaving behind an impressive cultural and architectural footprint from mediaeval palaces and fresco-festooned churches.

As well as having Verona's incredible cultural sights, mesmerising…

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  • Opera Ticket (Gold)
  • Verona card

Rome Opera Break

Nero was not only an unforgettable emperor, he was also the first great rock legend of history. “Divo Nerone” tells the story of Nero’s reign, and of 14 years that changed the world forever.

Nero, a madman or genius? Criminal or artist? Psychopath or Dreamer? It’s tricky to define Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, who became Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, the emperor whose short life (he only lived to 31) was lived in a state of constant and ultimately…

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  • Opera Rock ticket