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Abruzzo is a region in Central Italy that stretches from the sea to the mountains. Taking you from the Apennines where you will find the ideal tourist resorts for skiing, you can then head down to the Adriatic Sea where you can relax on the beautiful beaches.

The natural landscape in Abruzzo is one of incredibly beauty and the slopes of Gran Sasso, Mount Majella and the Laga Mountains are ideal for amazing photographs and treasured memories.



Love the idea of getting up close and personal with nature? If you do, then Maiella is a great place to head. The Montagna della Majella is a wild and dramatic wild mountain group and forms part of the  National Parks world heritage of the region. It is a unique and diverse landscape that is ideal for those who likes something that is beautiful as well as being worlds away from the beaches of places such as Pescara.


For those who are looking for the perfect seaside Italian holiday, Pescara is the place for you to head. The largest city in Abruzzo, this is a popular tourist resort mainly due to the 16Km of gloriously sandy beaches. It has one of the biggest marinas on the Adriatic, which is great for those people who want to take in some of the beautiful boats that come and go. It is lively and animated, especially close to the sea and there are plenty of places to enjoy some of the delicious local cuisine. Away from the beach you can visit the Museo delle Genti D’Abruzzo which will give you an interesting insight into the history of the city, including how it was heavily bombed during WWII.

Scerni & Casacanditella

If you are looking for an Abruzzo hotel that is a little more of the beaten track then you may want to check out places such as Scerni and Casacanditella.

A more traditional and laid back approach to Italian life, whilst they may not be the most popular tourist resorts, both of these areas give you a fascinating insight into how the locals of Abruzzo live. Casacanditella in particular offers up some amazing panoramic views of the area, which are ideal for those who have a love of photography.


Abruzzo is a beautiful place to be for your Italian holiday, so why not take a look at the different towns in the area and see which one is the ideal base for your next break?

Hotels in Abruzzo

Surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery, Abruzzo's landscape is surprisingly varied, with sandy coastlines and ancient forests in the National Park. Manorial style, Cosy ambiences and great food, our properties in Abruzzo have lots to offer. Hidden boltholes, Art Deco hotels, Castles... take your pick...

Self Catering in Abruzzo

Abruzzo has so much to offer and their hospitality is famously sincere. The food & wine is known to be some of the best in Italy so take your pick from a wonderful agriturismo property either near two National Parks in a medieval town or a hidden gem tucked away amongst rolling countryside with beautiful views over the wooded hillsides...


Beautiful and undiscovered. Majestic and beautiful. Welcome to Abruzzo…