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A popular holiday destination, the Amalfi Coast is a 50km stretch of coastline located along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. It not only has beautiful beaches, but a whole host of picture perfect fishing villages too. If you decide to travel around the area you will be delighted by the vineyards and Cliffside lemon groves.





Ischia is an island found in the bay of Naples, a volcanic piece of land it has everything you could ever want from an Italian holiday.

Whether it is beaches, Ischia Villas, gardens or some famous landmarks.

It is well worth travelling out to discover just what Ischia holds.


Whilst Sorrento may be considered a resort, this town is never ashamed of this title.
In fact, it embraces it with an enthusiasm and an entirely different approach.
Still managing to maintain a sense of class and dignity.
Sorrento is the ideal base for an Amalfi Coast holiday and allows you to take in the variety of
amazing sights in the area.
Whilst there is no beach in Sorrento, you can take in the sights of Naples and Mount Vesuvius
from atop the cliffs.


Thought to offer some of the best views in the world, Ravello has the atmosphere of a polished and refined town.
It is found high above the hills of Amalfi, allowing those who visit the chance to absorb the
beautiful natural landscape.
Ravello is a popular location for Italian weddings and the majority of visitors it seems are only there for the day.
However, if you are making the 7km drive up the Valle del Dragone, you may want to extend
your stay by one night.




One of the quieter towns on the Almalfi Coast, Praiano is again found on the steep cliffs overlooking the beautiful waters.

It is picturesque and quaint, although it doesn’t seem to attract as many visitors as the other towns in the region there are still a number of hotels for you to stay in.



When you learn about the history of the wonderful town of Amalfi you may be surprised.

Whilst now it has a population of 5000, once it was a maritime power and boasted more than 70,000 residents.

If you visit Amalfi you may be surprised to learn that you can work the entire town in about 20 minutes, and you may also notice some of the older, historical buildings appear to be missing.

This is due to the old city sliding into the sea in 1343.





Dating back to the 2nd millenium B,C, famous landmarks, active volcanoes and roman towns, nestle within this southern city. 

A metropolitan city close to Pompeii, with authentic cuisine, doses of mysteries and splashes of passion, it's definitely a city that should be explored.

These are just some of the amazing places that you can find in Sorrento, Ischia and the Amalfi Coast.

Why not book your very own Italian holiday and you will find your very own favourite.

Hotels - Amalfi Coast

This amazing cliffside town offers plenty of varied hotels. It's difficult not to fall head over heels in love with the beautiful colours of this region. If you've been dreaming of waking up and looking straight out at the crystal clear blue sea than look no further...

Self Catering - Amalfi Coast

With a quirky and laid-back atmoshpere, people are succumbed to the charm. Simple and homely, choose to stay in your own apartment for your stay here..


Spectacular views & stunning towns. It’s difficult not to fall head over heels in love with these beautiful areas of Southern Italy.