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If you are looking for a holiday to Southern Italy, then you really will find yourself spoilt for choice. Calabria, South Campania and Basilicata are just three of the regions that you can pick from.

Looking at the boot shape of Italy, Calabria is right at the toe of the boot. Thanks to this extremely southern location here you will find beautiful crystal blue seas and a delightfully warm climate.

Campania is a beautiful mixture of culture, history and delicious food. Not to mention a variety of beautiful coastal regions and beaches.

Whilst just as beautiful, Basilicata is a mountain region with a variety of woods, forests and small and charming villages dotted throughout the region.

If you love the idea of heading to a scenic seaside resort then Tropea is a great place for you. Found in Calabria, Tropea is known to have the “Coast of the Gods”. Which may be why it attracts so many visitors each and every year. Aside from relaxing on the beautiful beaches, there are plenty of other things to see in Tropea, although it doesn’t have specific tourist attractions.

What really appeals about Tropea is simply the town itself. The narrow maze of streets give a real timeless feel and you can easily spend a day exploring the town. All before you head to one of the local restaurants and bars where you can sample beautiful food.

Known to be a memorable Italian holiday destination. Matera is in Basilicata and is not always the most well known place for those in the UK. One of the best things about Matera has to be the fascinating caves. In fact, the caves have become the heart and soul of Matera.

These caves were once habited as they stood, however bad conditions during the 1950s meant that all the residents needed to find somewhere else to live. The 1980s saw these cave houses re-instated, redesigned and once again lived in.

The cave houses are fascinating and well worth a visit to Matera alone, however if you want to learn even more about the history then you can learn more about the town in the Museo Nazionale Ridola and also live the old style cave house experience with some of the reconstructed caves such as the Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario.

If you like your towns picturesque then you are going to love Acquafredda di Maratea. Perched between the mountains and the sea, Acquafredda di Maratea is a wonderful place to stay if you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of some of the other towns in Southern Italy. It may be steep to get around, but for those who are happy to climb these inclines, they will be delighted to discover the 44 churches (yes 44!) that call it their home!

Not only this, but if you are really up for a challenge then see if you can tackle the Monte San Biagio, the hill above the town. As those who make it to the top will find the giant 22 metre high statue of Christ the Redeemer, a sight that really has to be seen to be believed.

If you are looking to discover the true beauty of Italy, then Paestum is definitely somewhere to go. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, Paestum has a real eerie quality thanks to the three Greek temples that stand in the middle of the countryside. This archaeological site covers a large area and can take around 2 hours to properly explore. Here you will also find a row of shops, cafes and bars which are the ideal place to settle for an hour or two, and really soak up the beauty of Paestum.

For those who love beaches, San Marco di Castellabate is a great place to go. It has been developed around the port and is also home to the Pozzilo beach which has been awarded a blue flag.  Not only are there wonderful places to unwind, but thanks to the Castelsandra Wood, just outside the town you will be able to explore some more luscious and green landscape and perhaps come up close and personal with local wildlife.

So, if you want the perfect holiday to Southern Italy then you may find that a Calabria Hotels or South Campania Villas are the ideal place to stay and explore the beauty of Italy.

Hotels in Calabria, Basilicata & S.Campania

Find within these regions hidden treasures of stunning sceneries which are full of surprises. You will find spectacular properties offering wholesome meals , incredible service and a very romantic and refined atmosphere. We have a range of hotels from cave like dwellings to 4 star spa resorts to suit all tastes...

Self Catering in Calabria, Basilicata & S.Campania

If you love panoramic locations, close to beautiful beaches or in rural countrysides with beautiful pools then you will love one of these self catering properties. We love the atmosphere, the location. the wholesome Calabrian food and the "tropical paradise"at some of the beach properties.


Calabria, known as the "toe" of Italy, little known to the British, is home to dramatic mix of lush forested mountains and transparent turquoise sea. Exploring its contrasts opens eyes and inspires adventure.