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Although you may decide on your base for your Italian holiday break, the best way to make sure that you see all the best of Southern Italy is to get around. However, the last thing you will want on your holiday is to worry about how you will travel. Here are some of the best ways to travel round the Calabria, South Campania and Basilicata.

Public Transport




There are plenty of options to consider when travelling around the South of Italy by public transport.

The most popular way has to be rail. The majority of the lines around this particular area are not on the mainline.

Although the mainline is often the fastest way to travel, you simply cannot beat some of the more scenic lines that weave their way through the stunning countryside and coastal areas of places such as Tropea and Matera.

Buses also run throughout these regions, however you may find that these are not designed for tourists and are more targeted towards the locals who need to get to work or school.

The local tourist information offices near to where you are staying will be able to give you more information on timetables and ticket prices.

Getting to the airport


There are a couple of airports throughout these regions. Lamezia Terme Airport is often used for flights to Tropea.

This airport is a bus or taxi ride away from the nearest train station, although once you reach the train station you will find that the line is well connected.

The other airport is Bari, which is often the choice for those staying in Matera, despite being 40 miles away. Bari not only has a private railway line, but during the summer months you may also find a free bus service that connects the two.

Driving around the regions

One of the best ways to make sure that you take everything you want in, at your pace, is to drive yourself around. Whilst public transport is completely feasible there are a number of different car hire places throughout the three regions where you will be able to source yourself a great car to get around in.

It is a good idea to discuss parking options with your hotel or villa. Just to make sure that you have everything in place, and don’t forget to pick up a map of the area.

Hotels in Calabria, Basilicata & S.Campania

Find within these regions hidden treasures of stunning sceneries which are full of surprises. You will find spectacular properties offering wholesome meals , incredible service and a very romantic and refined atmosphere. We have a range of hotels from cave like dwellings to 4 star spa resorts to suit all tastes...

Self Catering in Calabria, Basilicata & S.Campania

If you love panoramic locations, close to beautiful beaches or in rural countrysides with beautiful pools then you will love one of these self catering properties. We love the atmosphere, the location. the wholesome Calabrian food and the "tropical paradise"at some of the beach properties.


Calabria, known as the "toe" of Italy, little known to the British, is home to dramatic mix of lush forested mountains and transparent turquoise sea. Exploring its contrasts opens eyes and inspires adventure.